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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  May 22, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> live, local, late breaking --
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this is wbal-tv 11 news, sunday. >> let's take a look outside with meteorologist tony pann. >> so far, it is a nice day today. there could be some afternoon rain. not a big chance. most people will enjoy the weekend. partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper-60's and lower-70's. an east wind at 9 miles per hour. the forecast for today, a mix of sun and clouds. to be -- 30% chance of thunderstorms. we'll take a lead of forecast going into memorial day weekend. stay tuned -- a look at the forecast going into memorial day weekend. stay tuned. >> trooper first class shaft hunter was killed, 39-years old,
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father of six, in the line of duty, in the process of what his superiors believe was a high- speed chase along i-95 south. >> i met with the family earlier. his mother said, if he was going to die, he died doing what he loved, that was being a maryland state trooper. he was outstanding. very dedicated to his job. >> a witness told investigators that a motorcycle sped by him, followed by a patrol car. the witness said the patrol car hit the back of the tractor- trailer parked on the shoulder. hunter's car came to rest near the truck's cab. troopers are not sure what happened. >> we have a license plate reader just south of here to see if we can find the motorcyclist. >> he was a veteran of 11 years. the former marine was stationed at the waterloo barracks.
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>> he has a lot of kids. i just knew the one that played with my son. terrible. got our troopers do extremely difficult and dangerous jobs -- >> our troopers to extremely difficult and dangerous jobs. they put their lives on the line. this is a terrible loss for the maryland state troopers, for all of us as marylanders. i ask for your prayers. >> the six children that he leaves behind range in the range from four to 19. funeral arrangements have not been finalized. police are looking for a man who they believe is responsible for two brian -- two robberies. the man robbed a gas station. police found the vehicle, but not the suspect. he is suspected of robbing and carjacking someone just a few hours later in a church parking
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lot. the sheriff in carroll county is looking for a suspect who is wanted for robbing a roadside, produce salesman. it happened yesterday. anyone with information should call the isheriff's office. >> the suggestion that the middle east should return to israel to its 1967 borders -- that proposal has not gone over well. >> it was a blunt message, delivered face-to-face in the oval office by israeli leader benjamin netanyahu. >> israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, but i cannot go back to the 1967 borders. these lines are not defensible. >> president obama said those in line should be the basis for future boundaries between israel and palestine. after their meeting, netanyahu
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was direct. >> peace based on allusions will crash eventually -- illusions will crash eventually. >> the president played down any rift with a close ally. >> there are obviously some differences in the precise form and language. that is going to happen between friends. >> all previous american presidents, from lyndon johnson to jimmy carter -- they all took much more severe positions on the issue of june, 1967, borders. >> the disagreement has quickly become a political football. mitt romney called it a mistaken and very dangerous demand. michele bachmann called it "a shocking display of the trail toward our allies." -- betrayal toward our
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allies." staunchrmally staunch reporters are expressing concerns -- some normally staunch reporters are expressing concerns. >> why negotiate with palestinians who will not even meet face-to-face? it makes no sense. ♪ >> once again, no triple crown, but a tremendous finish highlights the 136th running of the preakness. there was plenty of excitement at pimlico. disappointment soon fell on the crowd as the triple crown hopeful fell to second. it was not enough corporate animal -- for animal kingdom to take the second leg of the -- of the tripleown
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crown. in the end, it was shaft hunter. was in.kleford just dug he's got a lot of heart. >> viewers picked a nice hat for you. you should wear it every day. >> too many collisions. >> it is 9:07. a likely boost for baltimore's economy. new details ahead. >> works best when it comes to picking a swimsuit. >> we will check t
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather
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plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> a beautiful start to this morning. 71 at the airport. 73 downtown. east winds at 7 miles per hour. there could be a few hit and miss thunderstorms popping up this afternoon, but it is generally and nice forecast. 71 at annapolis. 70 in columbia. we should make it into the low- 80's this afternoon. there is a big push of warm air coming our way across the northern plains. you can see the clouds their pick on the backside of the storming, blizzard conditions -- you can see the clouds there. on the backside of the storm, blizzard conditions. we will get some warm air. we'll have a few hit and miss thunderstorms. we'll have some high, and clouds. -- high, thin clouds.
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there are thunderstorms trying to develop in the mountains across west virginia. this should arrive around baltimore later in the afternoon. that is why we put the 30% chance in for the showers or thunderstorms. otherwise, a mix of sun and clouds with high temperatures in 80's. above-average again today. if you're going to take the boat out, not a bad day on the water. tough for lightning. that is when that 5 to 10 knots. -- watch out for lightning. thunderstorm are possible. it will clear out overnight. the seven-day forecast. it will feel like summer. mid-80's through the middle of the week with off and on showers and thunderstorms. this is not a washout. these are hit and miss storms that will develop in the afternoon. friday and saturday, i'm going to be optimistic and say dry. >> thanks, tony.
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in quiet here compared to what they're dealing with in the south. many residents in louisiana are still playing an agonizing waiting game as the water creeps toward them. >> the mandatory evacuation set for some residents has been pushed back by at least two wdays. >> the rising mississippi cause problems in baton rouge. the water continues to push south, at some points as fast as 13 miles an hour, more than double its normal speed. >> present time, we're preparing for the big flood. >> he grew up in the basin. his son owns a restaurant and tour company. >> people come from every corner of the world. >> but they are not making the trip as much lately, concerned about the flooding. >> business is down 50% to 60%.
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>> business dropping as the water rises. >> all we can do is -- >> it is a struggle that continues to intensify at the water continues to climb. jay gray, nbc news. >> maryland's monthly jobs report is in. how did the state do when it comes to creating employment opportunities? >> maryland's first couple wants to end bullying. we sat down with the first lady to discuss that. first, a look at some of the events around town.
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>> welcome back. it is time for our sunday business report. good to see you. let's talk about canton first, the new retail side. >> a proposal to build a retail center in the canton crossing area. it is about 20 acres. there was a proposal for a $1 billion side which would have a target and harris teeter grocery store. we do know that there is a proposal to bring retail and
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possibly hotels and other outlets that could boost the local economy. >> possibly some job growth as well. a lot of people working -- looking forward to this. >> they sold about 60% of their grandstand seats. they spent less than $100,000 on their advertising this year. organizers were pleasantly surprised that they had not had to make that pushed. most of the ticket buyers were local. i think there is a lot of curiosity factor. people want to see what it will look like. the interest is there. >> job growth misses the mark. >> they were targeting a 11,000
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jobs with different programs. it looks like there will come up with a 100 jobs, not bad in any type of slowing economy. -- 8100 jobs, not bad in any type of slowing economy. hopefully it is trending positive numbers. >> we are seeing a lot of the vacant homes being knocked down in the city. >> that program started knocking down northeast baltimore, about 34 to be demolished. habitat for humanity will create new homes and get rid of that blight and hopefully attract others and reduce crime. that is a good first debt and we will see how works out.
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>> any other news for companies to watch locally? >> there is always something going on. about three months ago, they do not have a title sponsor but they have had all the luxury seat sellout. that is what people are eager to say. >> it will be fun. they key so much. stay with us. john kerry in your sunday gardener. >> i see you ready to pull some weeds. >> i am ready get going. >> that is the old fashioned dandelion polling. i like some of the high-tech tools. we will talk about weaves and your lawn and garden coming up
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>> good morning and welcome to your sunday garden. last week we were talking about filling areas that have problems with something other than grass. now we will attack the other end of the problem, getting rid of stuff that happens to be in the yard. >> some of us, i'm not picky about my yard but others are. >> you're one of these green is green. i was pulling weeds in the garden. >> that gets annoying. we talked about preventers that you can use but sometimes you have to get down there and dig some of them out. >> the odd dandelion in the
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yard, these are mechanical methods to poke in there and take out a week. -- weed. here is the traditional dandelion puller. >> there are all sorts of things that you can use to pull weeds up. you have the we'd popper. >> used ticket in the ground by the weed, the new poll it right up. not as backbreaking is getting down there. we have mechanical ways of doing this, ed too. right off the bat, read the labels and get the appropriate chemical for the appropriate job. and there are more organic waste to do it and more chemical ways to do it. >> they do have specific instructions. this will take care of your dandelions and your crabgrass.
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but ito's you to water it the second day. you do not know that and do you read the label. that will make it the most effective. this will take care of a lot of your weast. but if it takes care of that for six months, you cannot plan any grass or anything. that will prevent that as well. >> know where you were going with this. >> if you are using something like this roundup extend their control, my sister made this mistake. with the extended control, four months. >> it is not the traditional roundup. i like the ones with the sprayer because you can go round and instead of spreading in all over the yard, and you get individual plants or smaller areas without using it every place. you control how much you are exposing the environment to these chemicals.
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>> some people have different issues. some people have a horrible problem and this is extensive stop. it is concentrated. >> read the price label as well. >> but it does work. this is probably my favorite thing to have with me in the yard. if it's in my back pocket. once you have cut i stomped off, open this up and you have an applicator. you will only tax that stump that you want to get rid of. go ahead and cut it and put a dab of the sonnet. >> into the stump of the ivy. >> a lot of people want a safe and natural products. there are some out there that are smarter than they used to be. this will actually take care of the weeds and not bother your lawn. >> a lot of the organics, and mack most of them will take care of everything. >> this is a smarter weed
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killer. read those directions, work with your card and specialist, and get to know what these products are. i have been doing this for a lot of time and it is intimidating the figure rape what is what. >> and organics are chemical. they just happen to be a little bit more friendly to the environment. they are less invasive, i guess. >> and you really want to be careful not to spray on hard services or roadways and sidewalks. concentrate on what you're doing and take care of those items. >> absolutely. if you want a nice looking card in and yard, you probably sometimes have to go to that, for some of these devices. it is old fashioned but it works. thank you for joining us on your sunday gardener. >> if you have a gardening question, send it to us.
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>> live, local, late breaking -- this is wba. >> let's take another look outside. >> a nice start for us today. a slight chance of a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon. 71 at the airport, also 71 in annapolis. a 30% chance for a thunderstorm this afternoon. most of you will have a nice day. the high temperatures in the lower 80's. seven-day coming up in just a few minutes. >> if taking a look at some top stories. more about the tragic death of a maryland trooper. was killed when his -- shaft hunter was killed.
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witnesses report seeing a speeding motorcycle speeding past. he had been on the force for years. searching for the person behind to rock -- robberies. he robbed and exxon gas station and fled the scene after crashing his vehicle. he robbed and carjacked another person in a church parking lot. the 136 the preakness is now in the history book but no triple crown. animal kingdom galloped past much of the competition but fell short in the in. ford tufted race. time now for a sunday morning question and answer. joining us is maryland's first lady.
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a beautiful day at preakness yesterday. good energy. >> it was a great day. >> un the governor did your part with the annual prevention week. this is the second week for it. why is this so close to your heart? >> i have been working with the public schools for five or six years now. some topics that came up have been the bullying. some kids do not come to school because they are being bullied. i dug deeper to find out what we are doing in maryland to prevented. that is why we started the anti-bullying prevention week and i hope we will kick it out and october and had a month. >> this public-service announcement, where will it be seen? >> all over the state. we have radioed that we have seen, it will be all over.
9:33 am
>> maryland is the seventh state to enact an anti-bullying law. what does it do? >> if began in 2005. it requires that all public schools beginning in 2005 have to report any instance of bullying. they have a form that they have fed a lot. -- that they have to fill out. that guidance counselor takes up on how they can handle it. this week we passed a bill that requires all non-public schools that receive any state funding must also be part of the reporting system. >> we continue to see it happening time after time. we get calls all the time about bullying. >> the law is there but it is not enough. >> you were chosen on the president's commission to work on bullying.
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>> there are some many reasons why it occurs. it is in middle school most time, but a kid that is little different, and the kid is just not that jock carr whatever. we try to find ways to make it safer for kids to report, empowered kids that see this happen in the schools, because nobody wants to be a snitch. that is the tough thing. kids do not want to be looked at as a i am getting someone in trouble. they want to be saved and they want to learn. kids want to go to school and not be harassed. >> do you see the results of bullying in the courtroom? >> you wonder sometimes why the kid is being a bully. many times that is the situation. and they grow up to continue that type of behavior. >> you have four children and i'm sure that you have had some issues. any experience with your children?
9:35 am
and what have you done? >> what you try to do -- my kids are different because their dad has a different type of job. they have definitely experienced situations during election years and what not. they hear that they are voting for the other person in the will come in and it has happened to my kids throughout great school and college. they have been -- they have learned to be tougher and deal with that. they come home and talk about it and that is the important thing. you have to have your kids be able to talk to you. if it is just someone calling in names, that is one thing. but if they are being physical, that has happened, and then you have to draw the line and go to school authorities. >> it's good to hear from you. you have to college-age daughters, the younger kids with summer coming up, you have to be out there supporting your husband, how do you do all of
9:36 am
that? >> i have a lot of help. my mom and dad tells me. even my sister in florida health said during the summer. i can send to kids down there to play with their cousins. >> it takes a village. good to see you and the governor out talking about bowling. >> montgomery county, baltimore city, we will be all of the state. >> thank you for coming in. next week, the director of the maryland state lottery. if you have a question, e-mail them to us. do not go away. we will be back with more news. david gregory with all look at what is coming up. >> breaking news this morning on the race to the white house. mitch daniels, the governor of indiana, has announced overnight that he will not run for president. plus fallout from candidate king
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>> welcome back. of beautiful start for us on the sunday morning. 71 degrees at the airport. a few high thin clouds out there this morning. a slight chance for rain this afternoon but most of you will have a nice day today. 67 and 70 degrees. we should be in the low 80's this afternoon.
9:40 am
i nice portion of warm air coming from the south and the west. this is an active storm. on the back of it, near-blizzard conditions in the mountains of wyoming. a possibility of tornadoes in the mississippi valley and the ohio valley. a potent storm, but it will send pieces of energy toward us over the next couple of days. the first piece is getting closer. we have high, thin clouds this morning. we see a thunderstorm trying to develop out in the mountains of west virginia and western pennsylvania. that impulse heads for us this afternoon. we will put that slight chance for a thunderstorm in the forecast, but only a slight chance. the high temperature right around 82. the average high in the mid 70's. if you're taking the boat out today, it will be a nice day before. you may have to watch out for lightning.
9:41 am
high time is at a 11:14 this morning. partly cloudy with temperatures dropping back into the low 60's and a seven-day forecast stacks up like this. it will feel like summer. we will be in the mid 80's throughout most of the week. this is not a washout situation. in ms. and mostly in the afternoon. and then the official start of summer, memorial day weekend. i'll take the optimistic view. high temperatures in the mid 70's. >> you mention summer right around the corner. finding the right bathing suit would be tricky. but it is possible. a style expert joins us with the dos and don'ts for everybody. so nice to see you. there really is a perfect baby and sued for every type. -- bathing suit for every type.
9:42 am
>> we will go over them. >> let's start with the apple tight. >> and apple shape is fuller in the waste. a big now-no is to do something with extra fabric. the pleading, the ruffles, you would normally think that that would help but it does not help. . it can make you look on shapely. for the apple shape, stay away. do not wear a belt or a vote that will add attention to the waist. you want something that is shaping. find a good mix and wear a suit that streamlines your curves rather than extenuate -- accentuated that bigness. this is a great suit. >> it looks fantastic.
9:43 am
>> she likes her clothes. she wants to show off a little bit. this retail's up to $200. >> the next type would be the pear shape. >> it is full or at the bottom. we also call it the power glass. you have a more defined it waste. -- it a more defined waist. she does hold most of her weight in the bottom area. this is not the most flattering suit. >> even if you are thin. >> but in person, she is wearing a great seat. >> we're going to did don'ts. >> do not wear a bikini or a tanktini. if you notice, now she has it
9:44 am
figured. almost like one of those pennant girls from the 1940's. the gathering at the waist worse for her. >> she does not want to wear a skirt because it will make her look fuller. she looks very cute. >> we do not have our plasticize model but we have abating soon. talk about that don'ts with plus sizes. >> you want to stay away from the fabric. if you add fabric, they think that it will slim u. it only makes you look bigger. and i think to stay away from patterns. you can do nautical strideipes. dark colors are always slamming. but if you are comfortable with your shape, then go for it. go for color, and this is by allowing brian.
9:45 am
-- lane bryant. this is a halter style which is durable. it is almost like a little dress. >> what else do we have? >> the rectangle is straight up and down. if you look in her, she is pretty thin. a great shape. she has little extra time. -- tummy, but different from the apple shape. in the after, it is a little pricey. >> but that is all you need. >> she feels great and she wants to show a little scanned but not the baby fat. and a little color, black and blue, so she looks great. >> one more would be the teeth.
9:46 am
-- petite. -- sometimes we're just talking about very thin. >> she is like a double bureau. >> wheat barely got this on her. but if you look at the after, we kept her in a bikini. some people say stay away from white. what we want her to look bigger. >> thank you so much. piquancy all the models if everyone can come out. all of these great ideas for everybody's type. this is awesome. this is what we need as we get ready for the summer. >> thank you so much. up next, we're going to the kitchen for sunday brunch.
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>> welcome back. it is time for our paper part of the show. sunday brunch, tell me about the restaurant. >> we are located on charles street and we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> classic american fare. you're going to do american brunch. >> we are doing a corned pork
9:50 am
belly hash. >> i like the sound of that. we have a corned pork belly in the pan. >> really big chunks of bacon, basically. >> yes, and we brian that were about four or five days in salt and sugar. >> you can use bacon or corned beef. >> either way. >> start off with that. then we saute it to get it nice and caramelized. then at some chilies to get a little kick. and then some red onion. slowly saute that. then we will break our eggs. then we do it with sunny side up in the restaurant but you could do poached eggs. >> any way that you want. any trick to hash other than
9:51 am
letting the bacon or render down? >> let it get crispy and mold all the flavors together. >> diced up at that tape is and then add some kale. >> i like that. kale as a bitter taste. >> it takes out the bitterness like this. any type of the hardy greens. it will come right out of it. >> you do not have to write down all the ingredients. you go to our web site,, or send a self- addressed stamped envelope. and potatoes.kale >> we finish it with a honey cider vinegar reduction. >> i like that. you let that cookoff a little bit. >> then we use some salt and
9:52 am
pepper. >> always a little salt and pepper. all right, we will finish up and show you the finished product and just a few minutes. will take a short break and we will be back momentarily. >> if, pop in sports, an incredible
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> preakness 136 a look like we might have a chance at a triple crown. animal kingdom came back very well from the kentucky derby and same -- and made the same move it made at churchill downs. but it was a hair too late. a beautiful day, there is shackledford, and down the
9:55 am
stretch, he had the lead. animal kingdom on the outside. producer and a month kingdome going on to win, but shackle ford. 23 years as a jockey, he had never won a grade one race. absolutely amazing. the dreams for animal kingdom were shattered. but everything else came up pretty well. >> the last four or five years, our state will try to put together horses with triple crown pedigrees. we have focused on trying to get here. the last couple of years, it paid out. this year, for this horse to run like he did in the derby and come back in the preakness, this is a great race. no one treat you better than pimlico. >> came to with the orioles and
9:56 am
the nationals. it does not lucky will get much help until the end of here. a top around, washington takes a two-0 lead. the orioles finally come to life. it is good to see a bag, nolan. tying the game at 2. we will say in the same inning. when he is going the other way, it is a good sign. taking full advantage, all the way from first. that gave the orioles a 3-2 win. baltimore won. john hopkins of losers and ending the blue jays season. have a great day.
9:57 am
>> one more look at the seven- day forecast. a 30% chance for thunderstorm this afternoon. the high-temperature 82. we are here with a great version of hash. explain the dish again. >> we just put this on our summer menu. it is a corned pork belly hash with sunny side up eggs and kale. >> is really good. >> you let the potatoes get nice and crisp. you do not like the runny eggs. but you will do it. >> would totally ruined it. come on. >> thank you for coming in. a little hint of chives on top of that. have a nice day. a good idea for brunch. >> paul ryan is the guest coming
9:58 am
up next. have a good day. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at stay connected with facebook and twitter.
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